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The Helios Caring Gel is an industry-leading cleaning and caring gel for smooth, matte, patent and natural leathers. Apart from smooth leather, this caring gel can also be used effectively on exotic reptile leather without the apprehension of the leather turning dark. The gel is a specially formulated using water as the base which nourishes and maintains the shine of the leather. It is also pleasantly scented and colorless and thus leaves no residue on the leather surface.

The Helios Caring Gel can be used on any color of leather. It is suitable to be used on all types of leather accessories like belts, bags, wallets, boots, shoes, coats and jackets. 


  1. Apply the gel onto the leather surface using the Helios Shoe Shine Buffing Cloth.
  2. Use the same cloth to spread the gel evenly over the leather surface using swift strokes.
  3. Leave it to dry.
  4. Finally, use the same cloth as before to buff the surface to get the ultimate shine.


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