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Why Helios?

Why Helios-

 Helios offers premium quality and innovative approach towards shoe care products.  We have our own R & D department which is well-known for devising new and innovative methods for achieving high quality shoe care products as per latest trends and customer requirement. We focus on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by offering wide range of shoe care products at various price range. Helios is the only brand in India which has a huge range of shoe care and fleet products, giving us a competitive edge over our competitors. We aim at achieving end user atisfaction and thus attain valuable feedback which can help augment our products and create new ones. 

Media - 

Helios is making giant leaps by creating a dominant position is shoe care industry with its promotional activities on day to day basis. HELIOS also has been targeting media aggressively through regional newspapers, business magazines, hoardings, trade magazines to increase its visibility and brand value.



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