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Give your Shoes the shine of Diwali

1 Comments  |   Posted in Lifestyle   |  By Anurag Kaushik

Diwali is almost here! You might have already decided what you are going to wear, but you forgot one important thing – your shoes! You must be thinking about the latest pair you bought, but is it enough to just own that favourite pair? Diwali is the festival of lights and happiness that brighten up your life with joy and prosperity. So, it is needless to say that you need to give your shoes the shine of Diwali, just like you clean, renovate and decorate your homes and offices.

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1 Comments  |   Posted in News   |  By helios india

Shoe care products go a long way in ensuring maintaining shoes in proper shape. Shoes are not free therefore major efforts should be made to preserve them to serve as long as they can. Weather conditions can adversely affect the durability of any shoes especially the monsoon weather season characterized by rainy and wet conditions. These conditions proof hostile to the long life of any shoe. This is where shoe care products come in to ensure our shoes survive any weather condition and live through all seasons.

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Shoes and first impressions

2 Comments  |   Posted in News   |  By helios india

Imagine yourself geared up in a nicely ironed business suit going in for a make-or-break deal with a prospective client. You have done your best to look as professional as you can – groomed your hairs, shaved your beard and put on a great looking tie, just to give that lasting first impression as you walk into the room. But hey, did you forget a very critical aspect of your dressing - your shoes?

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Importance of Shoes and Tips for Proper Shoe Care

0 Comments  |   Posted in News   |  By helios india

What is the first thing that you notice when you meet someone for the first time? It’s their shoes; Shocking but true. So now you can understand the importance of good footwear. When you buy good footwear, you always want it to last for good period of time as high quality shoes are neither cheap nor easy to get everywhere.

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