Winter is coming! To all the free folk out there, if you are a Game of Thrones fan like me, you know this is more than a saying; winter is more than a season, and style is more than just new clothes. Your wardrobe is probably full for winter season, with your favourite jackets, pullovers, denims and new shoes. However, if you think you are ready to win Westeros, you know nothing Jon Snow!

Every great sword has a name, but one needs to keep it sharp. So is with your Clarks, Timberland, Rockport, Gucci, Steve Madden, Tommy Hilfiger or Nike. No matter how costly or branded your shoes are, with time they get old and dirty, losing the shine they once had; but there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of shoe care products in market to take care of your favourite investment. Being fans of GOT, our faith resides in the Lord of Light, and his miracles are well known. So, why not have a look at Helios – the young Greek sun god – the embodiment of light itself.

Winter is favourite season of many people, with all the fog and romance in air but it comes at its own cost. We Indians have many clinics and not to forget, our Moms with their uncountable ‘Desi Indian Tricks’ to advice on health issues. We regularly do our laundry and keep our clothes clean (Well most of us do!). What mostly everybody forgets, is to give the same care to shoes, which are undoubtedly most important part of one’s wardrobe. Here are some tricks to keep your shoes and feet protected during winters

1. Glossy Self-Shine Liquid:

We all want to keep our hands in pocket, and the last thing one would want is to brush the shoes in a chilly winter morning. It is not that it takes much effort, but we are extra creative (writing lazy was too mainstream and after all Mr Bill Gates has my back on this); so we have a solution for that and now you do not need to give your shoes a long buffing. Just use this glossy self shine liquid on your shoes and walk out with an instant shine. This comes in three colours: Black, Brown & Natural.

2. Power Shiner:

If you belong to corporate world then you must own many leather shoes of different shades. It is quite difficult and costly to buy cleaners and shiners for all of them. Therefore, we present you India’s first shiner, which let you shine just any colour leather that you use. It is a 3 in 1 shiner having Black-Brown-Natural. So let’s be 'Unbowed, unbent, unbroken' all 3 in 1 this winter and feel the heat of Dorne.

3. Universal Cleaner:

Obviously just shining in not enough and we have to clean the shoes also. So here, we give you this Universal cleaner, which can clean all leather, synthetics and textiles – all colours. The special cleaning formula easily removes dirt (in case you have fought in battle of bastards), salt and water (or if you were fighting at Blackwater bay).

4. Shoe Freshener:

This is for those who live in Winterfell (or maybe north of the wall) and feel too cold to have a bath for days. The smell of wearing the same shoes repeatedly without cleaning your feet is even more dangerous than breath of a dragon. So we suggest you to use this shoe freshener to prevent foul smell in shoes, or just march out alone in front of those usurpers and win over the throne with your personal wildfire.

5. Nubuck & Suede Shoe Care Kit:

The pair of loafers that is best option in summers becomes a headache in winters. Nubuck leather is soft and might get moist in winters, then attracts dirt and other stains. Nubuck and Suede shoe care kit comprises of a Suede brush that gives a proper cleaning and then a glower so that it can shine at its best. (Note: Using a Water-proofing spray will prevent the shoes to get moist and smelly)

4. Steam Beech Shoe Tree:

You cannot wear all your shoes at the same time and most of the time we pack our best pairs in boxes to wear later at some special occasion. In winters, the leather contracts and becomes hard, which distort its shape. Just in case, you are thinking to put a Valyrian steel sword inside the shoes, NO! Just get a good pair of Shoetree and that will do fine. If you use a Wooden shoetree instead, it will also absorb all the moisture from shoes and keep the leather good and shoes will last long.

So now, when we have told you the secrets from Maester of the Citadel, be ready for the big war coming. Let’s be prepared for the winters Jon Snow, take care of our shoes and don’t let the dirt & cold catch them. After all, who wants to be a white walker!