Shoes have become a very important part of our lives. Shoes have passed on from being an item of luxury to an item of necessity. One must invest in good quality shoes because it is synonymous to investing in your comfort. Without a doubt, a good pair of high-quality soft calf or leather shoes will do you proud if you find yourself having to socialize or shop, after an already exhausting day on your feet. A classic pair of leather court shoes, for example, will combine style with comfort and enable you to get through the day, and night, without thinking about your feet at all. Happy and healthy feet are the very foundation of overall well-being.

The growing shoe Passion has concluded to the emergence of a vast range of shoe care products worldwide. How often you have to actively care for your shoes depends on how well you passively care for them. Shoes never speak, they just shine. So, how to know that what all are their needs and how well are they being taken care of? The answer to this strenuous question is stunningly given by HELIOS. Helios is less of brand more of comfort which takes care of your shoe care problems. Helios is known worldwide for its wonderful shoe care products like Water Proofer, Horsehair shoe brush, Leather Lotion, shoe care cream and much more. Now we can clean our shoes with these shoe care products but it was like almost a blessing coming down when Helios recently launched its Shoe Trunk. It’s no less than a SALVAGER!!

For the very first time in India, One stop solution for all our shoe care needs. All the shoe care supplies we need are included in an elegant wooden box and convenient footrest for effortless shoe care quality.The box provides plenty of room to store our various shoe care products, thanks to the width of 28 centimeters, height of 24 centimeters, and depth of 20 centimeters. Made of fine beech, the case is sealed with sliding cover, topped off with foot rest. One can simply keep the feet on the stand or the lid of the case for polishing, or to quickly tie the shoelaces. This shoe care box does not just provide us solutions for our shoe care problems but is an on-the-go shoe care kit for a lovely foot experience wherever we go.

This stylish trunk comes with: -

• Nubuck Suede Glower 250 ml – Natural- To give the ultimate shine to your shoes. Helios is also providing with exciting colors.

• Shoe Cream 48 gm – Natural- To make your shoes shine and also help leather look smooth and radiant.

• Foot Fresh- odor control spray- To eliminate bacteria and provide fresh smell to your shoes.

• Shine On – Natural- from ballet slippers to climbing boots, every product needs different care. Shine On is one stop solution for all.

• Horse Hair Brush- 100% genuine horse hair to provide the love and care your shoes deserve.

• Universal Cleaner- The universal distinct cleaning formula to remove dirt, salt, water and other stains.

• Shoe Horn- Forget to bend down to wear your shoes or hurting your fingers to get your feet inside the shoes. Use Helios Wooden Shoe Horn made of beautiful wood.

Extremely decorative & useful, this shoe care trunk is ready to capture a permanent spot in Men’s Shoe Rack. Did you grab yours?

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