The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched an ambitious campaign all the way back on the 25th of September in 2014, a campaign with the focus on strengthening India’s place in the world space as a powerhouse of technology and production. The ‘Make in India’ campaign is aptly titled as it seeks to boost the nation’s economy by enforcing the inflow of FDI to our country. Now, almost two and a half years after the campaign was initially launched, facts state that the idea has blossomed beautifully into the generation of global interest in India’s economy. Brands from all across the world are setting up production plans in India to take full advantage of our large market and avail government benefits. India, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world is expected to rank within the top three growth economies of the world by 2020, and much of the credit would go to the Make in India initiative that has inspired a plethora of companies, brands and businesses for producing in India. We here at Helios are also proud of this great initiative and have been a constant participant by focusing on our production houses here in India. Helios has grown to become a leading producer of shoe care products in India, giving tough competition to foreign brands like Kiwi Shoe Care and Cheery Blossom. This has been possible only because of the constant dedication and will power of our entire team. Right from the top management of directors down to every individual employee, we have been dedicated to make the most of the power and resources of our country. The ‘Make in India’ initiative has motivated us to not only step up our game to become leaders in the industry, but also to give it back to our country in any way we can. Our products are driven towards being of the utmost utility to our Indian audience and we have even customised our after sales service processes to be more efficient. The initiative has not only skyrocketed India’s position as a global production and manufacturing destination and Helios is proud to be a partner in this, with the aim of going only further. We believe that the is a golden chance for our beautiful country to become a global superpower. The stage has been set two years ago, and all we have to do now is keep up the good act.