GST Campaign

We at Helios believe in spreading the shine and what can be a better way than spreading happiness and smile among those who need it most. What are the most important things in life? Mostly will say – Bread, shelter and clothes, but are clothes complete without something under ones feet? Even today, there are lakhs of people in our country who walk with numb feet in winters and on burning grounds in summers. Children, who can’t go to schools because they don’t have shoes to wear, people who work barefoot all day to earn just enough to sleep half bellied and many more!

Students bare feet

India is becoming digital, smarter and educated, yet there are people who lack basic needs. We at Helios have decided to take a step and walk their path with them. We are glad to say that we’ve established our brand as the one and only Made in India, premium shoe care brand. We all have been to big showrooms of air-conditioned malls but now it’s time that we go back to those dusty roads, and take everyone into the future along. We’ve just begun the journey but we need to step out today.

Rikshaw puller bare feet

Shoes are ones most precious collection and some of us have lots of pairs which we don’t even wear anymore but can’t think of a way to use them. Most of us just throw out our old shoes which are a bit damaged. We kept brainstorming and then the idea hit our minds – why not use those extra shoes to help walk those with a smile who don’t own even a single pair.

Home vs Street

India has just taken a big step forward with GST and we want to take this step forward with a smile. We’ve just started our own GST campaign – Gift a Shine Today! We need your love and support to make it a big success. Anyone out there who wants to help, just send us your unused or damaged shoes. We’ll repair it using our in house facility and make it as good as new and then Boom! We together can be the Santa in summers and by winters we hope to gift free shoes to at least 10000 people. This number is just a dream now, but if we all work together we can change this world with smiles.

Shoe Donation

Our former president Late Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam too had a dream for India 2020. While the big bosses riding luxury cars decide when and where to build roads, let’s do our part and give thousands of people hope to walk on those roads with a smile. Let’s be the soldiers of happiness and make this dream come true. Let’s gift a shine today!