There are more than just a few sayings that have stood the test of time and involve our footwear. Some are about the size of men’s feet, others about judging a person’s personality by looking at their shoes. Regardless, something we can all agree on is that shoes are important. Women love shoes, men love shoes, kids love shoes, we all love shoes.

Now, what we also understand is that our footwear require a special amount of care,otherwise there are more than just a few sayings about certain feet that smell.

Fret not, Helios- The Shining Sensation, has listened to those feet and we are extremely happy to introduce ‘Foot Fresh’.

Foot Fresh is a highly capable and powerful deodorant that uses an advanced-dailyodour protection system to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh all day long.Available at an affordable price, Foot Fresh has been clinically tested to provide a fresh and pleasant smell that is not only long lasting, but efficiently eliminates the odour causing bacteria inside your footwear. So, if you have ever been worried about stretching your legs by taking your shoes off in public, Foot Fresh is the product for you.

The anti-odour formula is available in a compact spray can. This adds immensely to the utility of the product as the spray can is portable and easy to apply. The spray can itself is made using long lasting durable materials and uses a methodical spray mechanism for seamless application. All you need to do to apply the formula is shake the can before use and remember to apply it before and after you wear your shoes.

The best thing about the Helios Foot Fresh is the powerful anti-odour formula that keeps your feet and shoes fresh all day long. So not only do your shoes stay fresh,but your feet also stay happy. Foot fresh is completely suitable and compatible withall kinds of footwear such as formal shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, loafers, slip-ons,heels, slippers, etc. You can apply the spray-on formula to your shoes and not be worried about smelly feet all day long.

Helios has finally taken care of the age old problem, and since there are always going to be quotes that talk about our shoes, you do not need to worry about the ones that talk about your smelly feet.