Imagine a life without your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend! Feels kinda horrible to even imagine such a scenario, doesn’t it? What we want to tell you is that you should appreciate any and everything the women in your life do for you, in fact their mere presence is enough to liven up your entire existence. So, on this occasion of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, let’s take a moment to not only just thank womanhood all over the world, but also to honor the womankind for their achievements. Here at Helios, we strongly believe in the power of women and we would like to take the opportunity this Women’s day to speak out for their empowerment and rights in the society. Today women are not only excelling in all fields and standing at par with men in the society, but all sections of the society are working day in and day out for their empowerment. Helios itself is primarily a brand that focuses on a target audience that consists mainly of men, but that makes our quest towards bringing about equality in the society much more substantial. We proudly undertake the pledge to bring together women from all around the world barring differences across nations, cultures, ideologies and ethics to raise their collective voices against the issues faced by women kind.

8th March is a day marked globally as a celebration of Women and their rights, and initially started as a result of protests by women working groups of North America in the early 20th Century, 1908 to be exact. Now today, almost a hundred years later, a lot has changed but we are still fighting for equality in the society. This day has held a special significance throughout modern history, celebrating the grandeur and bravery of these women. Cut to the modern day, and women are all around us. Just like they have always been, but in the modern day, they are in places that matter. There are women social workers, women leaders, businesswomen, housewives, and the most important factor being the progress that the society has achieved in all this time. What we can also help you with are some ideas for gifts that you can present to the special women in your life, since life without them would indeed be incomplete. You can go for a book or movie that will empower her soul, cook a nice meal, spa day, or even give her care products for her shoes. You’ll be surprised at how many of our own PRODUCTS are suitable for unisex footwear.

At the end of the day, to explain the significance of women in our lives requires not just one day, but in fact an entire lifetime. So come 8th of March every year, lets take more than just a moment and give them the respect and appreciation womankind deserve. Salute!