White Sneakers are probably the best kind of shoes you can own. Not only do they go perfectly with literally any outfit, but owning a pair of white sneakers is a matter of pride. However, the pride does need to be bested at times when you get them dirty. Surely if you are reading this, you must be hoping for some sure shot ways to keep your perfect new white sneakers perfectly new for a long amount of time. And this is exactly what we are going to give you. Read on to find out some handy tips to keep your white sneakers new:

  • Using White Nail Polish for Covering Scratches:

Yes, it is exactly as simple as it sounds. For those little scratches and smudges on your brand new white sneakers, just make use of the first bottle of white nail polish you can find for a little handy touch up. And you can trust us when we say this, IT WORKS!

  •  Putting White Sneakers into Washing Machines? A Big NO!:

 Yes, this is as big a no as your Sneakers, unless your only goal is to spoil them even before you’ve had a chance to flaunt them. Even on a gentle cycle, a washing machine can prove to be very harsh on the fabric of the shoes. Stick to hand care for your footwear.

  •  Using a toothbrush for those hard to reach areas:

 An old toothbrush comes in really handy in combination with a gentle soap. If your shoes have some dirt spots which don’t come off easy, you can simply use an old toothbrush and scrub gently to bid those stains goodbye.

  • Use warm water to clean white laces:

 Again, tossing your white laces in the washing machine to get them squeaky clean might sound like a good idea when it is actually not. Hand washing them in warm water and a gentle soap cleans them off easily. Air Dry for best results.

  • Oil Stains? Shampoo to the rescue:

 We’ll just agree that there are a lot of unfortunate situations where your shoes might get an oil slick stuck on them (French Fries, Onion Rings, etc.) So when you reach back home, a gentle shampoo combined with some warm water and the old toothbrush gently wipes off that oil smudge, and again trust us, it’ll come right off.

So, these were just a few more than handy tips to help you keep your spankin’ new white sneakers the same way for a long long time. And if you are in need of the best quality of shoe care products for your white sneakers or your other footwear, don’t forget to check out our collection of the best quality of shoe care products here
Here at Helios, we understand the love and affection that you have for your footwear, and we share that love and affection by providing you with the best quality of shoes care products. So, keep these tips in mind, and flaunt those white sneaks.