Let’s go shopping- Look at that pair of shoes Bro, It will go with my new Joggers - Let me see how it looks on my feet- Please give me a proper size- Give me the Beige color- What are the other designs- What is the material- What’s the price- Give me an extra pair of laces and what not. Just an example of a never ending session when you have to decide on purchasing ‘that’ perfect pair of shoes for yourselves. The amount of time we spend in doing the research and purchase of those perfect shoes for us suiting our purpose is not much less than deciding on our Life Partner.

With A new trend coming up in every blink of eye, our shoe rack is always heavily burdened and the list of shoes to be owned goes on expanding. There are so many varieties available and so many purposes to be fulfilled that we need a unique pair of shoe for every small purpose which can reflect our personality and make us a Trend-setter. One for going to college, one for Parties, one for weddings, one for a Date, one for Office, one for Casual hangout and many more but why is it so that we wear a pair of shoe once, we slay and get the compliments but the next time we look at it, We are no more excited to wear it and it just doesn’t grabs as many eyes as it did the last time.

There comes the most ignored and struggling part, SHOE CARE. What happens generally is, we do not pay attention to the basic needs of our Shoes. Just like a plant needs to be watered to grow, Shoes are required to be maintained so that they don’t lose their Life. They require Regular care, shining, moistening; Sole care etc to give that ‘brand new’ look every single time. Shoe care after becoming a basic need has expanded vastly in the recent years. There are various shoe care products available for different segment of shoes. Different segments calls for different care, be it Sports shoes, Leather shoes or Suede. In fact, Some of the leading companies like HELIOS has given an another edge to its shoe care product range introducing Nubuck care, Leather care, Sports care, universal care, daily care and shoe accessories like shoe tree, shoe horn, heel cups, leather insole etc to fulfill various purposes of Men’s Footwear Collection. Just like the shoes, shoe care products are gaining prominent places in Men’s wardrobe for sure because they just can’t carry that dapper look with their shoes not on point. So, take few minutes out to save the life of your shoes now and pamper them to get that Perfect Look.